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can feel allusive, especially when we are in the weeds of our lives and work. More so if we’ve never felt like a creative type. But it’s out there for you to access and call on.

When we know and choose from our essential selves, creativity finds us. You can run a successful business, lead your team, find solutions, and lean into life’s ambiguities when you choose from a place of creativity.

I’m Chrissie, creative entrepreneur and mentor. I help you to better understand and communicate your vision, your essential self, and access creativity.

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I’m Chrissie…

and my path to this line of work has been anything but linear or predictable! In fact, in line with my artistic self, my own personal and professional journey was much like that of my own paintings or ceramics — great visions followed by a lot of mess and frustration to come out with something successful, likely imperfect, yet very much loved.

That’s why I help others with creativity. Whether you have a creative business, are seeking to reconnect with a lost creative part of yourself, or simply tap into it for work and relationships, creativity is available and accessible to all of us and it can kick open doors for us to have amazing businesses, teams, ideas, and relationships. I know because it’s worked for me and my clients.

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“Chrissie’s focus on you, as a client, is not to be minimized. She will give you the time and attention you need and you will inevitably see Chrissie not only as a coach and mentor but also as a friend.”

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  • An Essay On Personal Growth
    When we have a seedling, it disrupts dirt as it sprouts and rises. As it grows it will outgrow that egg carton or tiny pot where it started and we repot it. Likewise, when we outgrow clothes, it’s easy to see and we pass them along or donate them. Sometimes we even work in places or situations that make the path forward clear and support our growth with linear movement. But how do we know when we’ve outgrown the more abstract? Relationships or cultures that no longer are healthy or serve us? Jobs or a career that keeps us comfortable but playing small? Our own limiting beliefs? […]
  • Speaking Engagements and What To Know Before You Grab The Mic
    Public speaking is one of my all time favorite ways of putting myself out there, sharing my stories and truth, building the like/know/trust factor and networking. I’ve been fortunate to speak at conferences and in classrooms over the years on branding, marketing, design, and new media, as well as owning a small business. Over the last 2 years I’ve changed directions with topics and spoken on self-awareness, personal branding, business lessons, success and failure, and creativity. Generally speaking, things have gone well. There have been occasions though where there have been some […]
  • Sunset, Girl on sand at water's edge, yoga pose, hands upCreative Rituals
    Admittedly as I sit to write this post, I feel like a fraud because I’ve never been one to actually stick to any sort of ritual or disciplined approach to much of anything. At least not since I was 22. I think I burned myself out in high school and college. Still, I desire it, at least in some small way, and I also know the benefits of ritual particularly as a creative. Here’s what I’ve learned from watching other artists as well as other pretty successful folks: Rituals provide a sense of certainty and this is hugely beneficial when one works in and with uncertainty. […]
  • On staying curious and how to know when our creative endeavors are finished.
    Years ago I started a cool abstract ink painting and something about the time, the colors, the shapes, the mystery in it inspired me to labor over it for a very long time. Still, something was missing and I couldn’t place what it was. I would walk away and return to it later – weeks later, months later, years later. The missing thing continued to allude me. After a while, I found myself frustrated that whatever was missing refused to find me. This went on for 20 years. And yet, unlike other paintings where I was like, “YES!” and knew it was finished, or even that point […]
  • catching up over coffee, two people with coffee mugsCatching Up
    Grab your cup of coffee. It’s time for a long overdue catch up! There have a lot of good changes here since June/July and it’s time to bring you up to speed. This past summer I attended a super creative writing retreat in Asheville, NC. While I was there, I found myself in that allusive “flow” we all hear about and maybe experience once in a while. Honestly, I had not experienced being in that flow in eons. Possibly since a college art class. What emerged from that was not only a super cool piece of art but also an ah-ha moment. The ah-ha moment was self awareness […]