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can feel allusive, especially when we are in the weeds of our lives and work. More so if we’ve never felt like a creative type. But it’s out there for you to access and call on.

When we know and choose from our essential selves, creativity finds us. You can run a successful business, lead your team, find solutions, and lean into life’s ambiguities when you choose from a place of creativity.

I’m Chrissie, creative entrepreneur and mentor. I help you to better understand and communicate your vision, your essential self, and access creativity.

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I’m Chrissie…

and my path to this line of work has been anything but linear or predictable! In fact, in line with my artistic self, my own personal and professional journey was much like that of my own paintings or ceramics — great visions followed by a lot of mess and frustration to come out with something successful, likely imperfect, yet very much loved.

That’s why I help others with creativity. Whether you have a creative business, are seeking to reconnect with a lost creative part of yourself, or simply tap into it for work and relationships, creativity is available and accessible to all of us and it can kick open doors for us to have amazing businesses, teams, ideas, and relationships. I know because it’s worked for me and my clients.

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“Chrissie’s focus on you, as a client, is not to be minimized. She will give you the time and attention you need and you will inevitably see Chrissie not only as a coach and mentor but also as a friend.”

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  • Setbacks, Release, and Getting Unstuck
    This past month we saw 4 Nor’Easters blow through our region and each one sent schools and offices into a state of panic. (I won’t go into a whole rant about how I feel the Philadelphia region is ill-equipped to plan for and handle storms in general, keeping fear at bay, and offices and schools open). Needless to say, the region lost a ton of time and productivity. My child hasn’t had a consistent school schedule since sometime before Christmas. As much as I enjoy a good snow day, the reality is, the shutting down of all the things really does take its toll on everyone and […]
  • What’s New!?!
    It’s been a while since I wrote or did anything. This winter has been marked with snow storms that have halted things for days (we’re at the point where my child’s school is handing out homework to make up for lost time and planning for make up days) and significant loss. On February 1, I lost my beloved grandmother. My Nana was 96 and she was the last of my grandparents. She outlived them all and the loss has been monumental. I’ve felt in ways I never imagined. So things have been slow-moving since December. Still, I wanted to share some cool things I have done or […]
  • Snow Day Survival
    As I type the entire eastern seaboard is covered in snow. It actually has some new name I’ve never heard before – snow bomb cyclone – something like that. I couldn’t even follow my meteorologists last night when they tried explaining it all. It’s a massive winter storm complete with snow, wind, and frigid temps that spans from northern FL up the coast to ME. Tons of schools were closed for two days straight (on the heels of two weeks’ holiday vacation) with lots of businesses following suit. Not all though and I had several friends venting on Facebook […]
  • Winter Solstice
    A friend shared this poem on the Winter Solstice and I want to share it here as well. “And so the Shortest Day came and the year died And everywhere down the centuries of the snow-white world Came people singing, dancing, To drive the dark away. They lighted candles in the winter trees; They hung their homes with evergreen; They burned beseeching fires all night long To keep the year alive. And when the new year’s sunshine blazed awake They shouted, revelling. Through all the frosty ages you can hear them Echoing behind us – listen! All the long echoes, sing the same delight, This […]
  • “I love this time of year, but…” | Self-Awareness and Choosing You in December
    I love the month of December. That said, there is no shortage of folks who despite their professed love of the holidays, also include a “but” in every sentence they utter or post they write. “I love this time of year, but…” or “I love the holidays, but…” And the following clause is usually a statement of struggle or overwhelm. It can stand alone. Which is telling. It negates what proceeds it. It negates that line about how much you say you love this time of year and the holidays. The word “but” is a real pain in the butt. This […]